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Yoga Vasishtha: Self Can Be Known Only Through Direct Experience

Only direct perception is the mode of proof in knowing the Self.

The abode of all proof-entities is only the proof of direct perception in this world, as the ocean is the abode of the waters. Therefore, hear that.

It is indeed direct perception; not another. Without direct experience, the nature of the Self is not apprehended.

The Self does not exist by inference nor by the words of a trustworthy person and the like. At all times and in every way, it is present or perceptible and is everything, from direct experience.

The Supreme Lord is not seen through scriptures, nor through the spiritual preceptor. The Self is seen only by itself through its own intellect abiding in Pure Being.

That Absolute Reality is directly experienced by the liberated one, who knows it by intuition and is abiding in that position. It is merely described by others only though scriptures handed down traditionally.

In the teaching relating to Brahman, whatever example is indicated, only the similarity of a portion within that is assumed.

Yoga Vasishtha (Chapter II: 220 – 224 and 227)

(Source: The Vision and the Way of Vasishtha – published by Indian Heritage Trust, Madras)