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Words of Wisdom: Swami Suddhananda

Iswara is not the name for a form. It is the name for all the forms.

Body demands only food and would be satisfied with any food. The mind would want varieties of food.

Everything in the universe is as divine as anything else. The flower in the plant is as divine as the statue in the temple. When you go to the temple what can you offer God? What is that you have which God does not have? Give yourself. Look at the world as a whole and not like how the four blind men saw the elephant.

If you want to worship God is one form, see him in one form. If you want to worship him without any form, worship him without any form. Worship God in any form you like, the mother, the father or, baby Krishna. God will never be offended. Only the dogs fight over the bone, the bone never joins the fight.

Swami Suddhananda