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Udhava Gita Quotes

Lord Krishna to Udhava

One who is endowed with scriptural erudition culminating in realization, who has attained to the Self, and has not mere theoretical knowledge, should surrender knowledge to Me – knowing the universe to be but an illusion.

For I am the desired goal of the Jnani and its efficient means; I am his worldly prosperity as well as liberation. There is nothing else but Me which is dear to him.

Those who have perfected themselves in knowledge and realization attain to My Supreme abode. Since the Jnani cherishes Me through his knowledge, therefore he is the most beloved to Me.

Austerity, pilgrimage, repetition of the Mantra, charity, and whatever else is sacred, cannot improve that perfection which springs from even a modicum of realization.

Therefore, O Uddhava, dwelling on your own self till the attainment of realization, he endowed with knowledge and realization, and worship Me with devotion.

The threefold modification, O Uddhava, which has come upon you is an illusion, for it only comes in the middle and is not at the beginning and end. When birth and such other things befall it, what is that to you? For that which exists at the beginning and end of an ureality, alone persists in the middle.

Udhava Gita

(Source Chapter XIV, 1 – 7, Uddhava Gita Translated by Swami Madhavananda, Advaita Ashram)