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A Short Video Introduction to Hinduism

This video is a short introduction to Hinduism or Hindu religion, which is referred by Hindus as Sanatana Dharma. The video, credited to vastvideo, is pretty old and looks like it was shot in the 50s or 60s. It gives a short and neat introduction to Hindu religion but ends abruptly leaving the viewer a bit confused, especially for those people who are new to Hinduism. Therefore the transcript of the video is provided and the figures mentioned which are pretty old are corrected. And the confusion which occurs in the end is cleared through writing.

Ages ago while the societies and cultures and people in other parts of the world were still in the crudest and most primitive stage, India was a great thriving civilization with an art, a philosophy and an advanced religious system already highly developed. In fact, India has been called the cradle of religion and Hinduism, the faith which developed there and numbers the largest following (in India) has an origin that is prehistoric. Sacred literature called the Vedas may have been conceived three to four thousand years ago (Five thousand by some historians).

Co-existent with ancient and long since abandoned religion of Egypt, Hinduism has not only maintained its strength but has grown steadily. And today its influence is felt on the lives of over 350 million people. (This was the estimate when the video was shot decades ago, today Hinduism is followed by nearly a billion people).

With a few exceptions of few minor sects, the religion of Hinduism has no central organization, no church authority to determine its doctrines.

This of course gives room to very broad interpretations which more or less permit ably in accord with each person’s ability to comprehend.

And this is one of the reasons why Hinduism has lived so long.

And why it has staidly resisted the evangelism of other faiths like Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

And also why one sees so many forms of worship in India. From what was seen to be almost sheer idolatry to the very highest type of spiritual understanding. Examples of which are found in the words and deeds of men like Ramakrishna, Rabindranath Tagore and many others.

You see most Hindus believe the limitless manifestations of god and this allows each man to worship differently, as long as he is sincere.

Like other religions, the ethical teachings of this ancient faith provide the Hindu of today with rules that are easy to read but difficult to follow. The video ends here leaving the viewer confused. Therefore a small clarification.

Hinduism is not a religion in true sense it is more of a way of life. There are no hard and fast rules in Hindu religion. Hindus believe in Brahman, the Supreme Soul which is limitless, present in all animate and inanimate and which is without birth and death (Please note that Brahman is indefinable, this is only an attempt to give an idea).

Sanatana Dharma gives importance to individuality and therefore each individual has the right to define his/her way in which the Brahman is to be perceived.

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