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Orissa Deity That Remains Under Water

The idol of Lord Narayan Gosain at Singhapur Village near Rasulpur in Jajpur District of Orissa is kept underwater, except for three days in a year. People in large number gather on these three days to have a glimpse of the God. And the unique annual ceremony is known as Singhapur yatra. This has been a practice here for more than four centuries.

The idol of Lord Narayan Gosain remains in a pond near the temple, Madhutirtha Khetra, dedicated to Him. The idol is brought out on Pana Sankranti day (March – April) for three days and on the fourth day the idol is again immersed in the pond.

So, why is the idol kept underwater? There is some history involved. In the 16th century, Kalapahada, a Muslim invader, after destroying numerous temples and Hindu idols reached the region. The then King of Madhupurgarh, to save the idol from Kalapahad, hid it in the pond.

But people and the King were unhappy as the idol remained underwater. A few days later, Lord Narayan Gosain appeared in the dream of the King and asked him to take the idol out of the pond and worship and then to be kept back safely. This happened during Mahabisuba Sankranti or Pana Sankranti period.

Since then annually, the idol is taken out of the pond on the Pana Sankranti day and worshiped for three days.