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Yoga Vasishta on Fate

There is nothing called fate.

Fate does not exist.

Fate is ever unreal.

Fate does nothing. Only imagination is such.

Except the state of a corpse, motionless is not seen in this world. The acquisition of results arises out of movement or action. Therefore fate is nonsensical.

Fate has been fashioned by fools. Those having that as the highest object are destroyed. But the wise have arrived at this position of excellence by means of manly effort.

Among those with weak intellects, fate is only a consolation in their sorrow. This is a comforting word. Really, there is no fate.

The attainment of fortunate or unfortunate things of a result accomplished by fruitful human effort in this world is described by the word ‘fate.’

On obtaining the results of one’s own actions, those statements such as ‘this is so circumstanced,’ have attained fame by the name ‘fate.’

Under those very circumstances, the firm belief that there is fate is assumed by the foolish on account of wrong perception, just as a snake is assumed in a rope.

There is nothing called fate which has a form other than one’s own former action. That former human effort is indeed described by the word ‘fate.’

As much as there is effort, so would there be result quickly. Thus, there is only human effort. That alone could be ‘fate.’

Yoga Vasishtha – Chapter I, lines (169 – 176) (182 – 185)
(Source: The Vision and the Way of Vasishtha – published by Indian Heritage Trust, Madras)