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Swami Rama Quotes

You are searching for something without understanding that it is within you. Search within. This is a direct approach. Do not search for God outside. God is already within you. When you come to know that God dwells within you, then your life will totally change and you will be transformed. When you have perfect control over the modifications of the mind, you will attain the highest level of consciousness or samadhi.

When you practice meditation, initially you come in touch with yourself and all your thought patterns; you come to understand your inner dialogue. Then, you learn to discriminate – to select and reject; and finally, you learn how to work with yourself.

Spiritual practices, undertaken at an early age, have a profound and long lasting effect.
Human beings have tremendous potential provided they are taught to train themselves on all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual. Let us teach our children how to become aware of themselves on all levels. With a calm and one-pointed mind, children can obtain a glimpse of true peace and happiness.

Swami Rama

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