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Be Careful While Opening Holi E-Greeting Cards

Think twice before opening any Holi greeting e-cards received via e-mail. Holi festival is the ideal time for cyber crooks to enhance their business. This they do by sending thousands of fake online Holi greeting cards with links that can infect your computer with password stealing spywares, worms and viruses.

The threat is more severe if you do not have the most recent anti virus or security updates on the web browser.

This is how it works. When you open an email with a Holi greeting card and clicks on the link, a harmful virus or spyware is installed in your computer. It collects all the data including your passwords and sends it to the cyber crook.

When you enter your email and that of your friend’s on a Holi greeting car website, you’re giving your email address and that of your friends to some unknown person, who might sell it to spammers. Net result is the numerous spam mails.

Never enter your personal email id while sending greeting cards.

Even if you know the person who has sent the e-greeting, it is better not to open. Even those cards with links from most trust worthy sites might harm your computer.

Most people look for Holi greetings through search engines like Google. If you have installed McAfee Site Advisor, it will give you a warning regarding fraudulent websites as shown in the image below.

The best option to send a Holi greeting is to type a few words and send it as Holi greeting or message. If you are patient enough you can create Holi greeting cards – it might not have flash animation but you can be sure that it does not contain malicious spyware.

With the arrival of mobiles, Holi sms have become more popular. You can send a sms instead of wasting you time looking for an ideal online greeting.


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