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Swami Bodhananda Quotes

Meditation is not opposed to activity; it is not opposed to thought, but on the contrary, becomes nourishment for our thinking and our activities. Activity and meditation infuse energy into one another and create a wholeness of experience. Ultimately meditation is a state of total love for everything in the universe.

Every failure becomes a stepping stone toward the higher mountain peak of experience. Failure is not a problem. Lack of effort is the problem. When you make one step forward, God takes ten steps towards you.

Enlightenment cannot come as a result of evolution. Awakening is not a result of evolution. Awakening is a 'waking up'.

Swami Bodhananda

Swami Bodhananda is trained in the Shankaracharya Tradition and has been teaching Vedanta since 1978. He is the Spiritual Founder and Director of several organizations under the umbrella of the Sambodh Foundation, New Delhi.