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Sayings of Sri Karunamayi

Lord Shiva's language is very difficult to learn - the language of silence. It is very difficult to practice the language of absolute silence. It is not easy for humankind to achieve that God-state immediately-to go from negativity to positivity, and from positivity to silence. Only step by step can positivity be achieved, not all at once.

Our true nature is not limited... it is like the vast ocean... When we touch Supreme Consciousness through meditation, then we are boundless, we are everywhere, we are eternal.

Body, mind and spirituality – these are three cages. A spiritual seeker will go beyond all these cages. In his natural state, samadhi, the entire universe is nothing but his Self. Whatever he enjoys in this world is nothing but Self; time is Self only; wisdom is Self only. He realizes he is not this body. In fact, when he achieves that highest state of absolute consciousness, he sees no differences at all. He sees everyone the same, and he sees the whole world as his own, knowing that the entire universe belongs to him: the rivers, the mountains, the trees, the birds, everything belongs to him. He sees nothing as separate from himself. He knows that he belongs to nature, and nature belongs to him.

Sri Karunamayi

(Sri Karunamayi is popularly known as Amma Karunamayi and is renowned for her teachings based on the Sanatana Dharma)