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Osho Sayings on Living in the Moment

You have to be living naturally this moment. The next moment will come out of it on its own. Just as a child grows and becomes a youth – there is no need to plan for it, one simply becomes; it is natural, it happens.

As a river flows and comes to the ocean – the same way – you flow and you come to the end, to the ocean. But one should remain natural, floating and in the moment.

Once you start thinking about the future and ambition and desire, you are missing this moment.

When you think of the future it is nothing but the projection of the past; when you think of the past it is nothing but trying to plan for the future – they are together.

A man who lives in the moment now and here is not cluttered with the past and not cluttered with the future, he remains unburdened. He has no burden to carry, he moves without weight.


(Source: Maturity: The responsibility of being oneself/ Osho)

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