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Eco-friendly Initiatives during Durga Puja 2007

There have been numerous initiatives in recent years from several quarters to make Hindu festivals eco-friendly. Earlier, festivals associated with Hinduism were noted for its environment-friendly nature. But with the arrival of plastic and cheap Plaster of Paris idols, festivals like Ganesh Puja and Durga Puja are creating widespread environmental and public health impacts. During Durga Puja 2007, the Priests and several Durga Puja committees are earnestly trying to make the whole celebration an eco-friendly affair. A major eco-friendly initiative in 2007 has come from the Priests in West Bengal through their association Bangiya Purohit Sabha. They have come out with a guideline for setting up eco-friendly Durga Puja pandals. The association has made it clear that they will not allow any kind of plastic objects like plastic garlands, plastic plates or cups in the pujas that they are performing. They are demanding a return to traditional puja items made of bell-metal, clay, copper, si…

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Quotes – Sage Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi on Self

Sage Yajnavalkya decided to renounce his householder’s life and distribute his wealth among Maitreyi and Katyayani.Thereupon Maitreyi, his wife, said, ‘Sir, if indeed this whole earth full of wealth be mine, shall I be immortal through that?’ ‘No’, replied Yajnavalkya, ‘your life will be just like that of people who have plenty of things, but there is no hope of immortality through wealth.’Then Maitreyi said, ‘What shall I do with that which will not make me immortal? Tell me, sir, of that alone through which I can attain immortality.’Yajnavalkya said, ‘My dear, you have been my beloved (even before), and you say what is after my heart. Come, take your seat, I will explain it to you. As I explain it, meditate on its meaning.It is not for the sake of the husband, my dear, that he is loved, but for one’s own sake that he is loved. It is not for the sake of the wife, my dear, that she is loved, but for one’s own sake that she is loved. It is not for the sake of the sons, my dear, that th…