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Quotes from Avadhuta Gita on Brahman that alone is

Free from subject and object am I, How can I be self-realizable? Endless is my nature, naught else exists. Truth absolute is my nature, naught (not anything) else exists.
Atman by nature, the supreme Reality am I, Neither am I slayer nor the slain.On the destruction of a jar, the space therein unites with all space. In myself and Shiva I see no difference when the mind is purified.Brahman alone is, as pure consciousness. In truth there is no jar, and no jar-space, no embodied soul, nor its nature.There are no worlds, no Vedas, no Devas, no sacrifices, no castes, no family tribes, no nationalities, no smoke path, no shining path.Some there are that prize non-dualism, others hold to dualism. They know not the Truth, which is above both.How can the supreme Reality be described, since It is neither white nor any other color, has no qualities such as sound, and is beyond voice and mind?Avadhuta Gita