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Incarnations of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva has taken numerous incarnations but most of them are not widely popular. All the incarnations of Lord Shiva are mentioned in the Kurma Purana.The incarnations of Lord Shiva are Shveta, Sutara, Madana, Suhotra, Kankana, Lokaksi, Jaigisavya, Dadivaha, Rishabha, Bhrgu, Ugra, Atri, Bali, Gautama, Vedashiras, Gokarna, Shikandaka, Jatamali, Attahasa, Daruka, Langali, Mahayama, Muni, Suli, Pindamunishvara, Sahishnu, Somashara and Nakulishvara.Information regarding many of the incarnations of Lord Shiva found in Kurma Purana are minimal. Some of the names are quite unknown and some of them I am hearing for the first time.Stories regarding these incarnations will be published as I get them.

Yoga Vasistha Quotes

Quotes and Quotations from Yoga Vasistha.

Arise and accept an antidote to ward off old age and death; it is the knowledge that all wealth and prosperity, all pleasures and enjoyments are harmful to us unless devoted to the good of others;
if not, they tend only to sicken and enervate our frames.

Burdensome is the scripture to the person who has no discriminating sense.
Burdensome is wisdom to the one who is swayed by attachment.
Burdensome is mind to the one who is restless.
Burdensome is body to the individual who has not realized the self.

To the ignorant who have not known their Atma, their ceaseless cycles of pains-producing re-births reduce them to abject slavery and suffering ; but in those who have known their true Self, the Jnana light will dawn and all objects will be known as one. And through the enjoyment of their own Self the three, actor, action and instrument will shine (as one) in their Self.
The mind will ever be tossed in the ocean of desires, being scorched by the f…