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Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes

Paramahansa Yogananda introduced India's age-old philosophy of Yoga to the West through his Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes are taken from various sources. It has been collected over a period of time and is constantly updated.

Modern life is becoming very unsatisfactory. It does not give you happiness. There are too many things, too many desires. More nice cars and dresses and entertainments — and more worries! Free yourself from these so-called “necessities” and spend more time with God. Make your life simple. Be happy in and by your Self.
The pleasure of modern man is in getting more and more, and what happens to anyone else doesn’t matter. But isn’t it better to live simply — without so many luxuries and with fewer worries?

God watches the heart. Seek to please Him above all. Don’t act with the prime motive of pleasing others.

Love is evolution’s ameliorative call
To the far-strayed sons
To return to Perfection’s home.
It is the call of the beauty – robed …