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Ramayana La’ar at the College of William and Mary, Virginia

“Ramayana is about securing community.” “It’s about altruism — selfless giving, giving without explanation, giving without purpose. It is a word we don’t use much anymore, unfortunately.”These are not words of any modern day Hindu saint but the words of Francis Tanglao-Aguas, assistant professor of world and multicultural theatre at the College. Without any doubt, Tanglao-Aguas has captured the true essence of Ramayana in a couple of sentences.Ramayana La’ar is being performed under the guidance of Tanglao-Aguas by the theatre department of College of William and Mary,Williamsburg, Virginia, starting this Thursday. The Flat Hat reportsTanglao-Aguas said that while the text is sacred, his show would not be strictly religious. “It’s not a religious ceremony,” he said. “It’s sacred because it is a performance for a purpose — the search for peace and harmony.” The performance is a story of self-sacrifice and community, according to Tanglao-Aguas.More than 50 students from various faculti…

Dnyaneshwari Quotes

To perform one’s duties properly is in itself the highest offering. Those who pursue this path are not touched by sin. It is only when one’s duties are neglected and one is inclined to do erroneous acts that one is caught in the cycle of life and death. The performance of one’s duty is in itself the highest sacrifice (yajna) and the man who is devoted to such sacrifice is free from all bonds. Dnyaneshwari (Saint Dnyneshwar)