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Caste Continues To Be a Major Factor in India

According to Hindustan Times-Cfore survey among 1,067 persons with different backgrounds:53% opposed inter-caste marriages.57% opposed alliances with persons below their caste.55% opposed marriage outside their community.Caste is a major consideration for residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, as it is for those living in Chandigarh, Patna, Lucknow and Bhopal.The very same people who support caste system chose Mahatma Gandhi as the country's best brand ambassador!!!!!!
It is very hard to imbibe true knowledge and it is even harder to practice it…all suffering and illusions like ‘Caste’ comes out of ignorance….Hope the dawn of knowledge sets in soon…

International School of Bhagavad Gita, Trivandrum

Swami Sandeep Chaithanya at a young age has attained fame around the world for his unique presentation of Bhagavad Gita in 108 days. Now, Swami Sandeep Chaithanya is planning to develop an ‘International School of Bhagavad Gita’ in Trivandrum, where people from various religious and national backdrop can come and learn and do research in Bhagavad Gita.The school will be part of ‘Salagram’ (Salagramam) – an ashram visualized by Swami Sandeep Chaithanya. The Salagram Ashram is to be located on the banks of KaramanaRiver at KandamankadavuVillage in Trivandrum. Swamji wants to transform the International School of Bhagavad Gita into an InternationalUniversity for Bhagavad Gita.Swamiji talking in an interview said that several people are forced to abandon their spiritual search due to the lack of proper guidance. The school is intended to help all the spiritual seekers in finding answers to their questions. Salagram is meant for people of any age and they can make use of resources availabl…