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Swami Chinmayananda Quotes on Vedanta

From the known, slowly you creep forward to the unknown.

An effect can never be without a cause. A clay pot can never remain without clay.

Effects are nothing but the cause itself in different form. Cup, saucer, plate, jug have different shapes, different use, different names. And yet, all of them are clay.

From the effect when the cause is removed …nothing.

From the clay pot, when the clay is removed, nothing remains.

If there is a cause for the world, the universe is nothing but that cause in different form. So, the universe that you and I are perceiving is nothing but that cause.

You too are an expression of that infinite self.

Swami Chinmayananda
(Source: From a lecture by Swami Chinmayananda entitled, ‘The Vision of Vedanta: Its Logic and Practicality.’)