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Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Hinduism

Dr S Radhakrishnan: What is your religion?
Mahatma Gandhiji: My religion is Hinduism which, for me, is the religion of humanity and includes the best of all religions known to me.

Dr S Radhakrishnan: How are you led to it?
Mahatma Gandhi: I take it that the present tense in this question has been purposely used, instead of the past. I am led to my religion through truth and non-violence. I often describe my religion as religion of truth. Of late, instead of saying God is Truth, I have been saying, Truth is God... Denial of Truth we have not known... We are all sparks of Truth. The sum total of these sparks is indescribable, as yet unknown Truth, which is God; I am daily led nearer to it by constant prayer.

Dr S Radhakrishnan: What is its bearing on social life?
Mahatma Gandhi: The bearing of this religion on social life is, or has to be, seen in one’s daily social contact. To be true to such religion, one has to lose oneself in continuous and continuing service of all in life. Realization of Truth is impossible without a complete merging of oneself in and identification with this limitless ocean of life. Hence, for me there is no escape from social service: there is no happiness on earth beyond or apart from it. Social service here must be taken to include every department of life. In this scheme, there is nothing low, nothing high. For all is one, though we seem to be many.
The deeper I study Hinduism, the stronger becomes the belief in me that Hinduism is as broad as the universe... Something within me tells me that, for all the deep veneration I show to several religions, I am all the more a Hindu, nonetheless for it.

Mahatma Gandhi in conversation with Dr S Radhakrishnan

Mahatma Gandhi on Hinduirm