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Bollywood’s new found love for Hindu Mythology

In the beginning, Hindi cinema found inspiration in Hindu mythology and it produced some immortal classics. But after getting the Bollywood tag, in the past decade, Hindi cinema lost interest in mythology related to Hinduism. Now there seems to be renewed interest in Hindu mythology.

Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ramayana is making news for quite sometime especially since Ajay Devgan and Kajol are playing Lord Ram and Sita respectively.

Another much talked about project is Mani Ratnam’s Mahabharata. If news reports are to be believed Sharukh and Amir will be seen as Arjun and Karna.

Then there are few movies exploring the beyond or getting into the character’s mind and exploring their views and standpoints.

Leaving Bollywood, there was much talk about Uru Patel's Hanuman in Hollywood with Keanu Reeves as Lord Ram and Shilpa Shetty as Sita. After the initial hype there is no news about this project.

No idea how many of these projects will make it to the theaters.

Earlier when films were made on Hindu mythology, most directors and producers did not have the right technology to express their ideas fully and viewers had to satisfy with half-baked products.

Today with the arrival of computer graphics and other modern techniques many incidents in Hindu mythology – like hanuman flying with mountain and young Krishna fighting demon Poothana – can be visualized brilliantly.

Perhaps, what is stopping many Bollywood directors from venturing into the mythology arena is the cost.