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Radha Ashtami and its Significance

Sri Radha Ashtami or Radhashtami, the birthday of Radha, is a major festival celebrated by Lord Krishna devotees. It falls on the eighth day in the bright half of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). The day celebrates the relationship between Radha and Krishna – a unique relationship between god and human (world).

To understand the relationship between Radha and Krishna, first we have to clear the worldly impurities from our mind, which is clogging our vision. Once these impurities are removed we will understand the true meaning of Raslila – the individual soul realizing that it is part of the universal soul, which is a continuity.

It is always Radha and Krishna together or simply Radhakrishna. Radha exists with Krishna; not without Krishna. Radha represents the individual soul and Krishna the universal soul. On a lower level, we say the individual soul merges with the universal soul.

In fact, Radha on seeing Krishna realizes that there is nothing called the individual soul and that she is Krishna.