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Hyderabad Khairatabad Ganesha in 2007

The Khairatabad Ganapati Deva in Hyderabad is one of the tallest Ganesha idols made in India during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. In 2007, the height of Khairatabad Ganesh is more than 42 feet. A noteworthy and highly commendable aspect this year is the use of eco-friendly natural colors on the huge Ganesh idol.

Some newspapers are reporting the height of this year's idol as 45 feet (14 meter). Sri Ganesh Utsav Committee, Khairatabad, Hyderabad claims the Ganesh idols displayed here, during Ganesh Chaturthi, to be the tallest idols in the world. At the end of the festival, the Ganesh idol is immersed in the Hussain Sagar Lake using cranes.


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