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Costly Laddu Auction in Hyderabad on Ganesha Idol Immersion Day

The price of a single Laddu (sweet) auctioned during the Ganesh Immersion day in Hyderabad was rupees 650,000. Another famous laddu auction at Balapur in Hyderabad saw the price touching 415,000. What is all about this costly laddus auctioned on the Ganesha immersion day in Hyderabad?

There is a belief that Lord Ganesh bestows his blessings on the person who manages to outbid everyone and acquires the laddu. The auction first started in Balapur in Hyderabad and was soon adopted by several other pandals in the villages near Hyderabad.

The person who brought the Balapur Laddu this year said that his real estate business picked up after he successfully bid for the Balapur Laddu in the year 2000. Last year a laddu was auctioned for 1.5 million rupees in the area.

It is being said that this year many pandals deliberately kept the price lower and some even stopped the auction when a desired price was reached.

The single laddu brought at such a huge cost weighs around 21 kg. The buyer distributes it to friends, neighbors and relatives. The auctions were held in several villages in the vicinity of Hyderabad and highest bidding price ranged from 200,000 to 400,000.