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CDs and MP3s for Conducting Hindu Pujas at home

Hindu Priests are now a scarce commodity and it is hard to find a priest during important festivals and rituals in Hinduism. Most of the purohits or pujari or thirumenis or priests also charge high fees for conducting pujas. Sensing an opportunity, music recording companies are releasing CDs, MP3s, cassettes, VCDs and DVDs of important Hindu pujas with all the mantras and rituals. The Hindus have easily adapted to this new method – instead of the Pujari reciting the mantras play the CD and to perform the rituals follow the method explained in the CD.

There are several complex annual pujas for which many women need the help of elders or a priest. The CDs and MP3s of Hindu Pujas came as a boon for many Hindu women and they were warmly welcomed. Another advantage is that most of these CDs use both Sanskrit and regional languages. Some also provide explanations in English.

Presently, the digital puja trend is mainly seen in South India. Next time, when you visit a Music shop don’t be surprised if you come across Varalakshmi Vratam, Mangala Gowri Vratam, and Ganesha puja CDs.

Also there is an undue importance given to rituals and pujas by many Hindus. They want it to be perfect and quite often several cunning people take advantage of this. If one examine carefully, many Hindu rituals and pujas are often performed for the mental satisfaction of the people, who are performing it.

Santana Dharma does not believe in any kind of rituals. Look at what Adi Shankaracharya had to say about this:

Rituals are like blankets that veil the truth. They are nets to trap our intellect, forcing us to confine our consciousness to the superficial values of the manifest world. The thinking of a person who believes exclusively in ritual practices becomes confined to this little world. Subtle thoughts of the mind and tender feelings of heart become outward-oriented. Such a person begins to believe that everything can be accomplished with the help of rituals.

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