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Percept’s Hanuman Sequel to be in Contemporary Setting

After the huge success of animated film Hanuman, Percept Picture Company is ready with a sequel to be released during Diwali 2007. Hanuman was a breakthrough in Animation films in India. No idea what the title is of the sequel, it is being referred as ‘Hanuman 2’ and ‘Hanuman Returns.’

For the Sequel, Percept Picture Company has invested 50 million Rupees. Hanuman 2 is to have a new look and it will be unveiled in September. Toonz Animation India, a Trivandrum based animation company, is working on the movie. V G Samant is directing movie and the dialogues are by Anurag Kashyap.

Interestingly, Toonz Animation India themselves were planning to release an animated series titled ‘Adventures of Hanuman’ in a modern setting. This was widely publicized in November 2003. Toonz’s first animated series ‘The Adventures of Tenali Raman’ was a dismal effort. In fact, the series was an insult of Tenali Raman, the famous court poet and jester.

The trailer of now halted Adventures of Hanuman of Toonz Animation suggests that it is a modern take on the ancient Hindu mythology around Hanuman. Hanuman’s adventures in 21st century take place in downtown New York and his archrival is Rock Shasa, a billionaire demon.

The trailer begins in grace, but then we have a Marvel comic. Instead of Spiderman or Superman, Hanuman fights the monsters and demons, inspired from Hollywood films and marvel comics. This modern version, if one is to go by Toonz’s earlier series, is nothing but heavy dose of violence covertly sold in the name of Hanuman.

Hope, Percept Picture Company’s modern Hanuman Sequel will not have anything to do with Toonz’s now halted Adventures of Hanuman.

The trailer of now halted Adventures of Hanuman from Toonz Animation India.