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Thoughts on the Hindu Concept of Maya

All visible things are ‘maya.’ Maya will vanish through the effect of knowledge (jnana). One must strive to get rid of maya, which devastates the mind; the destruction of the mind (manas) means the annihilation of maya. Meditation is the only way in which to dominate maya.

Swami Sivananda

The truth is that god alone is real and all else unreal. Men, universe, house, children – all these are like the magic of the magician. The magician strikes his wand and says: ‘come delusion! come confusion!’ then he says to the audience. ‘Open the lid of the pot: see the birds fly into the sky.’ but the magician alone is real and his magic unreal. The unreal exists for a second and then vanishes.

Sri Ramakrishna

Maya literally means ‘that which is not.’ It refers to accepting the temporary as having lasting value, and looking for enduring happiness in this world. In the twilight, one may easily mistake a rope for a snake. In so doing, we feel fear. Hence fear and other emotions may often be based on illusion, an incorrect perception of reality.


(Source: Sacred Space in Times of India and ISKCON)