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Sri Sri Ravishankar on the detachment from the objects of the senses

The craving for sense objects is bondage. Their existence seems to have given you a little
pleasure, so it binds you. Now you crave for it, and it gives you more and more pain.

The more you beg, the more you crave for something, the further away it goes.
And the moment you drop it and just repose in the Self, you'll find all those things come, manifold.

Freedom from the pleasure is the real pleasure. Pain does not bind you; It is the pleasure that binds you. And the bondage is painful. If you are bound, you are not bound by misery; you are bound by your craving, your pleasure. Freedom is what? Lack of craving. Detachment from the objects of the senses.

This is the nature of sense objects: they promise pleasure to begin with and even give you also a little taste, but then leave you with pain and suffering.