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On Prakash Mundhra’s Sacred Moments and Blessingz Diwali Puja Kits

Prakash Mudhra’s Sacred Moments manufactures ‘Blessingz’ Diwali Puja Kits – a designer Puja Kit for corporate clients. The Diwali pjua kit of 2006 had 32 items essential for the Diwali Puja and was packed and labeled in an inspiring style. The kit also had a booklet describing the Puja process. Sacred Moments managed to get sales of close to Rs 34 lakhs in the first year.

Prakash started the venture instead of joining the company that he had got placed at SCMHRD (Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development).

In the article titled ‘My Entrepreneurship Experience’ in MBA Universe Prakash Mundhra writes

…I myself thought that I would not be able to take such a bold decision, but the entrepreneurship instinct got too deep inside and I started feeling: It is now or never…

Today when I look back, I can only be proud of my decision. My company ‘Sacred Moments’ manufactures ‘Blessingz’ Diwali Puja Kits, and my products have been appreciated.

In business, customer is not the king; he is ‘Brahma’ as it is he who creates your business. If you do not maintain him acting as ‘Vishnu’, it would not be long when he would turn into ‘Shiva’ and destroy your business. I remember delivering a kit at midnight at the airport to a prospective client and also a carton of kits to stores on my bike (similarl to a Domino Pizza delivery bike).