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Last Day for Shambo The sacred Bull? Yes

Today might be the last day for Shambo the bull in Skand Vale temple. Now only a miracle can save Shambo from being slaughtered.

No miracle happened. (updated)

Shambo’s Journey So Far

27th April 2007 – Shambo a Skandvale Temple bull tested positive to a routine Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) skin test. This means that he is suspected to carry Bovine TB but not proven. The current policy of DEFRA, Wales (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) is to kill any animal suspected of carrying Bovine TB.

3rd May 2007 – The temple received a "Notice of Intended Slaughter" from the National Assembly for Wales.

4th May 2007Temple authorities isolate Shamboo from other bovines and public.

6th May 2007Temple Monks and Hindu Forum Britain start online petition to save Shambo.

11th May 2007 – The temple vet certifies that Shambo is healthy. The chief veterinary officer for the Welsh Assembly visits Shambo and is satisfied. But Welsh officials want the bull to be slaughtered.

21st May 2007 – Monks at the Skanda Vale Temple set up a webcam for Shambo.

15th June 2007 – International animal expert David Taylor examines Shambo and says Shambo is healthy and poses no risk of infection to other animals or people.

26th June 2007 – The Welsh Assembly rejects the proposal for further government tests.

29th June 2007 – The Welsh government reject final representations from lawyers of Skand Vale.

10th July 2007 – The legal team of Skand Vale decides to contest the Welsh Assembly Government's decision to proceed with slaughter in judicial review at Cardiff High Court.

16th July 2007 – The Cardiff High Court Judge quashes the orders to slaughter Shambo.

18th July 2007 – The Welsh Assembly appeals against the judgment.

23rd July 2007 – The decision to slaughter Shambo is upheld.

24th July 2007 – The temple authorities appeal for a second TB test but the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) rejects it.

26th July 2007 – Shambo is to be slaughtered today. The Monks in the temple denied permission to the vet who came to take Shambo as he had no warrant. The Welsh government is seeking a warrant to gain access. The warrant has arrived and the police have seized Shambo and took him away for slaughter.

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