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Kumartuli Idol for London Durga Puja Festival 2007

The idol for Durga puja in London in 2007 will be from Kumartuli, Kolkata, West Bengal. Billionaire Lakshmi Mittal is one of the chief patrons of the London Durga Puja Dusserah Committee. Gorachand Paul and Sons of Kumartuli will be making the idol.

The London Puja committee is very particular that their Durga Puja idol is eco-friendly. The idol is made using mud and straw and only natural colors are used.

The London Durga Puja Dusserah Festival will be held from 17th October to 21st October at the Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1. More details about the London Durga Puja festival can be found here.


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