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Ignore the three Christian protestors in Senate – they were shouted down by American Public

Thousands of blogs – new, old, popular, and not popular – wrote about the Christian protesters disrupting the first ever Hindu prayer in United States senate. Majority of the blogs criticized the three Christian protesters. Even practicing Christians and priests joined in criticizing the protesters.
As a Christian minister this makes me sick. My advice to the US Senate tonight: invite Chaplain Zed back and give him a proper welcome.
The video of protesters disrupting the prayer has got 1408 diggs while writing this post.
Some of the other reactions
As a Christian I'm appalled and embarrassed that this man was treated so rudely and intolerantly. There are many paths to God. A shameful display.
As a human being I am upset that this man was treated so rudely and intolerantly.
I don't condone shouting down anyone. That was downright rude and simply shows the protesters to be the narrow-minded bigots that they are.
There are fundamentalists in all religions in the world. They show up their ugly face through violence. But fortunately they are a minority. We have to learn to live with religious fundamentalists. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them and not to encourage them.
The action of the three protesters will be discussed in several forums. Several questions will be raised? Some will share their fears. Some might take a partisan view. While all this is happening, don’t forget the millions of American voices that criticized the protesters. These are the unknown moderate voices that spread religious tolerance. It is because of them that several religions coexist peacefully in the United States.