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Herbal Drink for Ahmedabad Rath Yatra Participants

The health authorities in Ahmedabad are distributing an herbal concoction during the Rath Yatra 2007 to fight fever and digestive ailments. With monsoon at its peak and thousands of people gathering for the Rath Yatra, the authorities are making sure that there is no outbreak of any disease.

People can have the medicine for free from the fourteen centers functioning along the Rath Yatra route. Health authorities also want to make the people aware of Ayurvedic medicines through the campaign.

The herbal drink is ideal for fever, joint pain and indigestion. The Ayurvedic preparation mainly consists of ‘kadiyatu’ a regular Ayurvedic medicine consumed in Gujarat to boost immunity. The herbal drink had provided relief to several people with fever and joint pain during last year.