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Christian Protestors Disrupt First Ever Hindu Prayer in U.S. Senate

The first ever Hindu prayer in the United States Senate witnessed unruly scenes when three Christian protestors began praying loudly when Rajan Zed, the Hindu chaplain from Nevada, started his prayer. The Christian protestors prayed for forgiveness from Jesus Christ for ‘betraying’ the Christian tradition.

The protestors were removed from the U.S. Senate chamber's observation gallery and Rajan Zed continued with his prayer. Only few senators were present during the Opening Prayer.

Rajan Zed is the first Hindu to deliver opening prayer in U.S. Senate. The U.S. Senate has a tradition of inviting religious leaders from outside Judeo-Christian tradition to offer opening prayer. Muslim prayer has opened the Senate earlier.


Ignore the three Christian protestors in Senate – they were shouted down by American Public