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Cambodia Thai dispute over Preah Vihear Hindu Temple Continues

Poetry in stone, the Preah Vihear Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Shikha resvara – Lord of the mountains. But the temple is constantly in news due to the bickering between Cambodia and Thailand.

Preah Vihear is located in the northernmost tip of Cambodia close to the Thai border and the ownership of Preah Vihear temple was disputed by both the nations. The International Court of Justice had awarded it to Cambodia in 1962.

Preah Vihear Temple is not easily accessible from the Cambodian side. Therefore devotees and tourists approach the shrine from northeast Thailand. Now the Thai army has closed the entrance to the shrine from Thai side stating that Cambodia objected to the presence of Thai military personals in uniform inside the shrine.

Due to this periodical bickering, Unesco's World Heritage committee delayed until next year the decision to put the site in World Heritage List. The temple is noted for some of the most beautiful stone carvings in the world.


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