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Ganga River Endangered by Global Warming

Gangotri glacier, which provides up to 70 percent of the water of the Ganga River during the summer months, could disappear by 2030 due to global warming. This means Ganga Ma will disappear during the summer seasons.

Emily Wax writes in Washington Post

…the prayer rituals carried out at the water's edge may not last forever -- or even another generation, according to scientists and meteorologists. The Himalayan source of Hinduism's holiest river, they say, is drying up.

"This may be the first place on Earth where global warming could hurt our very religion. We are becoming an endangered species of Hindus," said Veer Bhadra Mishra, an engineer and director of the Varanasi-based Sankat Mochan Foundation, an organization that advocates for the preservation of the Ganges. "The melting glaciers are a terrible thing. We have to ask ourselves, who are the custodians of our culture if we can't even help our beloved Ganga?"

The article in Washington Post reiterates the fact which was brought out by WWF in March.

Apprehensions of a dying Ganga are being expressed from several quarters but strangely the State and the Central governments in India are still approaching the whole issue in a causal manner.

And there is no collective effort on the part of Hindu organizations to protect Ganga. There were some protests during the Ardh Kumbh Mela but the protests ended with the Ardh Kumbh. Several Hindu organizations find time and energy to create controversies in the name of Hindu religion but sadly have no energy for creative and constructive activities like saving the Ganga.

Hindu scriptures are full of indications about the pitfalls involved in excessive materialistic life. Global warming and greenhouse gases are the products of this excessive materialism. The dying Ganga is an indication of the fate that awaits human beings.

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