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Al Jazeera Series on Swaminarayan Sect

In the six part God's Business series aired on Al Jazeera Channel, the second part was on the famous Swaminarayan sect.

According to the makers of the series, God's Business aims to get behind the issues of faith and how it affects people's real lives, their work, their families and the how they view their government and leaders. How do these institutions balance the demands of religious teaching and ceremony with wealth, power and human weakness? How do they function as powerbrokers in the often dangerous realm of politics, both local and global? And do these dealings inevitably threaten the moral integrity and clarity of purpose of religious institutions? The series is presented by renowned journalist John McCarthy.

On the Swaminarayan Sect, the series first talks about the enormous growth and influence of the Swaminarayan institutions. Then it asks questions like – has the movement grown so absorbed in creating a corporate presence, involved in finance, politics and influence – as well as charity work – that it now risks losing its spiritual heart? Are networking and power-play submerging the original message?

What is great about the series? Well, firstly it is on Al Jazeera, the obvious curiosity to know how they will present a theme related to Hinduism. Secondly, it delves into some aspects which many Indian journalists ignore.

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Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3