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Teacher Purifies Dalit Kids and School with Cow Urine

This horrific incident happened in Bhandara District of Maharashtra. Sharad Kaitade, an upper caste teacher, sprinkled ‘gomutra’ (cow’s urine) on students and inside the classrooms on assuming duty from Tilottama Tembhurkar, headmistress of the school, who belongs to a ‘lower’ caste.

Thanks to the students who took up the matter with the parents and who alerted the district administration.

Times of India reports

The administration ordered a probe into the incident. The police personnel interrogated the headmaster and other teachers and also met the students and their parents. Finding substance in the villagers’ complaint, an offence was registered against Kaitade under Section 7, 1(D) of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1985. He was arrested and later released on bail.

What makes this incident even more atrocious is that, it comes from a school teacher. A teacher who is supposed to stand up against the caste system. Such persons should be immediately terminated from service and send to jail.

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