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Hindus Vow to End Caste Divide

Thousands of Hindus present at the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Conference’ initiated by Sri Sri Ravishankar took a pledge to end the evil caste system. People from different walks of the Hindu society gathered at an open air theatre in Pragati Maidan on Friday evening and took a vow to fight against monstrous practices like denying entry to Dalits into Hindu temples and the practice of keeping separate utensils for the use of Dalits in eateries.

Speaking on the occasion Sri Sri Ravishankar said "The anger of the past should not engulf us and divide the country. The fear and communication gap between communities is what is keeping us apart. We must accept the reality and reconcile the differences.”

"What we have started today will resonate across the country and unite the people. When leaders come together and take a vow, the people will follow them," he added. "My main concern is how to bring people together."

The idea of banishing the practice which existed for thousands of years might sound impossibility. But small steps like this will one day conquer the impossibility.