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What to do on Thaipusam Day?

Thaipusam is one of the most important festivals dedicated to Lord Muruga - also known as Skanda, Subrahmaniya and Kartikeya and Shanmukha. Thaipusam is held on Pusam star in the month of Thai (January – February). There are numerous legends and myths associated with this Murugan festival.

On the Thaipusam day, large number of devotees head towards Murugan temples in procession carrying Kavadi. The drumming and chanting of vel vel shakti vel electrifies the procession and some start to dance. Some devotees pierce their tongue and cheek with ‘vel’ (small lances.) Some insert hooks in their body and some use these hooks to pull heavy objects. On the day, devotees go to any length to display their devotion to Lord Muruga.

The more subdued devotees offer fruits and yellow or orange colored flowers to Lord Muruga. They wear yellow or orange colored dress. These two colors are identified with Muruga. Some people carry pots of milk on their head.

Significance of Thaipusam
Foreigners who take Kavadi at the Batu Caves during Thaipusam