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Showing posts from December 22, 2006

Devi Kshetra Kritis on DVD

A live concert DVD of Devi Kshetra Kritis by M. Lalitha and M. Nandini has been brought out by Santhananda Soundscapes. The album features compositions on the different female (Devi) deities in Chidambaram, Madurai, Kancheepuram, Pudukottai, Tiruvaiyaru, Tirunelveli, and Thirumayilai. The DVD also features visuals of the deities and the temples.The album includes the compositions of Thyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Subbaraya Sastri, Gopalakrishna Bharati, Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar, and Papanasam Sivan. (link)Devi Kshetra Kritis is available at The Sankara Hall, Alwarpet, Chennai. For more details: Mob: 98401 22729.

Treasure Unearthed at a Temple in Kanchipuram

The treasure was unearthed at the entrance of the AngalaAmmanTemple at Maligai Chetti Street in Kanchipuram. The crow bar of one of the workers who were digging a pit for an underground project accidentally hit a pot and broke it.When the workers removed the pot, they found a silver crown, used to adorn the Amman and a copper plate etched with nearly 21 images of goddess Amman with Kanchi Kamatchi Amman in the center. (link) Officials after ascertaining the exact date will decide whether to hand over the treasures to the temple or to the archeological department.

Navya Shastra Apologizes for the Atrocities Committed in the Name of Caste

Navya Shastra, the international Hindu reform organization, has issued an apology to all those people who have suffered and are suffering from the evil caste system.STATEMENT OF APOLOGYWe, at Navya Shastra, deeply regret and apologise for the atrocities committed on the sons and daughters of the depressed communities of India, including the tribals, the "untouchables" and all of the castes deemed as low. We shamefully acknowledge that the ideals of varna and its practical manifestation in castes (jatis), promoted and encouraged the notions of inequality, lesser and greater, high and low, superior and inferior among human beings. An ideal that does not aspire for equality of human beings is not worthy of being an ideal.Caste and varna have relegated many to a degradingly low status. This was a divisive, inhumane and a ruinous social construct. Navya Shastra fully recognises this and rejects unequivocally as heinous and despicable varna and caste together with all Shastras and…

Boston’s First Night celebration Button to feature Lord Shiva

People attending Boston’s First Night celebration will be sporting the art work “Cosmic Dancer” of Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper. The “Cosmic Dancer” is Lord Shiva in the Nataraja form. The Hindu god Shiva is being used on the buttons purchased for First Night Boston. The First Night Button is a must for admission into the activities and entertainment of the night.This is the original painting. (link)Lucilda Dassardo–Cooper is a Dorchester based artist of Indian and African descent and she grew up in Jamaica. The painting “Cosmic Dancer” will be adapted for the Button.From townonline“We are committed to featuring Boston area artists on the First Night button,” said Joyce Linehan, Director of Public Relations for First Night Boston. “Lucilda’s ‘Cosmic Dancer’ was an easy choice for us. In addition to examining and depicting issues around creation and the elements, which have always been important components of our event, the image is very festive and lends itself well to the idea of celebr…