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Showing posts from December 16, 2006

Hunt on for killer elephant Laden in Assam

The elephant named after Osama Bin Laden has trampled 14 people to death in the past six months in Assam. The shoot-on-sight order was issued after the elephant recently killed a woman.A licensed hunter and around five forest guards are on the trail of this notorious elephant. The elephant population in Assam is on the decline. The decision to shoot the elephant was taken after serious deliberations. The man-elephant conflict is on rise in Sontipur District of Assam as people have been encroaching large areas of forest. Perhaps killing this elephant might solve the present problem. But not the increasing man-animal conflict. (link)

Indian Origin Anchors on Al Jazeera English

The team Al Jazeera English has assembled can surely pose a challenge to the visual news media of Europe and US. There are a few of Indian origin in the team dominated by westerners. Shiulie GhoshBefore joining Al Jazeera English Shiulie Ghosh was a correspondent and presenter for ITV news. She was also with the BBC for a long period. Shiulie was named Best Television News Journalist at the British Telecom Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards in 2001. Her reporting from Thailand on the tsunami was awarded the 2006 Alfred I. Dupont Columbia News Broadcasting Award.Divya GopalanDivya Gopalan had worked for BBC, NBC and CNBC Europe before shifting her allegiance to Al Jazeera. Apart from the Indians, the surprise was Stephen Cole who became famous in India through BBC’s Click Online program. (link)