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Hindu links for 10/09/2006

HinduUniversity studies reach well beyond yogaAn article on the Hindu University of America in OrlandoEastern Path, Western ChelaWhen I became a practitioner of Raja Yoga and the disciple (chela) of a Hindu guru, I found myself exiled into the netherworld between two cultures. - Matthew HortonNo beef eating in the VedasOn misinterpretation and misrepresentation of Hinduism – the article is too long and is for scholarly people. Huge crowd expected for switch-onAbout 35,000 people are expected to gather in Leicester for what is thought to be the largest Diwali lights switch-on outside south Asia. Book Review: ‘In Spite Of The Gods: The Strange Rise Of Modern India’ - Edward LuceIn spite of gods - read Hindu nationalist hysteria, mystical mumbo jumbo and occultism - India, a nation of one billion-plus people and one of the world’s fastest growing economies, is set to shun its habitual diffidence and fulfil its potential of becoming a major power. - Manish Chand