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No sane person can equate Hindu temples with brothels

This article of Hindu blog is a reaction to an article in timesonline which stated that a millennium ago the temples of India were brothels.

The article states that ‘the Hindu temples of central and southern India can be startlingly erotic’ This sentence gives a feel that the walls of Hindu temples are all filled with erotic sculptures. But this is not true. Only few temples have erotic sculpture. The example used by the author is the temple of Khajuraho.
In reality, erotic scenes are only a small part of the carvings in Khajuraho and other temples. The author seems to have not seen the carvings in which women are shown as writing letters, women applying kohl to her eyes, women playing with children, women brushing her hair. All sculptors in Khajuraho are not based on women. There are carvings showing armies marching, court musicians, farmers and potters. Only 10 percent of the total sculptors in Khajuraho are erotic in nature. Please don’t make statements based on travel guides.

An anthropological explanation to the erotic statues in Hindu temples

This is a reaction to an article published in timesonline under the title “Why is a Hindu temple like a Soho phone box? Must I draw you a picture?” by Terence Kealey.The article quotes from several sources to state that ‘in short, a millennium ago the temples of India were brothels — they may have been more than that, but they were brothels too — and they advertised their wares as brothels always have.’
It seems the best way to attain popularity is to hurt the religious sentiments of people. Look at the words used to define Hindu temples. Terence Kealey is hurting the religious sentiments of more than one billion people.
The writer has every right to put forward thoughts on the erotic sculptors in Hindu temples. Some of the findings have scientific backing, according to Terence Kealey. The findings of the article are going to be debated.
But what is the author trying to prove by stating that the Hindu temples were brothels. There is a better way of saying things. Nobody says ‘I heard tha…