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The growing intolerance among Hindu youngsters

Every religion uses youngsters to ignite violence. This is happening around the world and in India. Hindu fundamentalists too use them for political mileage and other sectarian needs. But unfortunately, most of the Hindu youngsters are ignorant about Hinduism. There are two types of Hindu youngsters. One type goes to temple, prays, take part in festivals. They stay away from all the activities of organized religion. For them, religion comes to fore only during functions like marriage etc. Then they are off to their materialistic world and return to religion when they are depressed or suffer losses. They consider Bhagavad Gita and other spiritual texts for the old age or to be read in their retired life. The second type is proud of being a Hindu. They take part in all activities associated with the religion. They argue about the superiority of their religion. This is when they are ignorant about the basic tenants of the religion. For them, Hinduism is building temples and taking on ot…