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Champaign County Hindus Want a Permanent Place of Worship

The Hindus of Champaign County, Illinois, are at present holding prayers at the Urbana Civic Center. Since it is a temporary space they can’t install idols.

So they have identified a farmland on Dewey-Fisher Road (Mattis Avenue), just north of the Thor-O-Bred Acres subdivision in Hensley Township. They are planning to build a 6,500-square-foot temple with a septic system and leach field just south of the building and a 4,400-square-foot lawn with ornamental plants.

But the neighbors of the proposed have several fears including high traffic and pollution. A meeting has been fixed for February 2207 to deal with the worries of neighbors.

News-gazette reports

Two leaders of the new temple, University of Illinois professors Shiv Kapoor and Pallassana R. Balgopal, promise to be good neighbors wherever the Hindu Temple is built.

Kapoor notes that Hinduism is different from other faiths in that there is no fixed weekly day of worship. Members of the faith visit temple when it is convenient for them, especially during a handful of festivals sprinkled throughout the year.

Well, it is always hard to explain Hinduism to people who are used to the monotheistic religions with a hierarchical setup.