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Yajna in Kolkata to protect the Ozone Layer

Women were performing a yajna by burning woods and herbs in 10008 Havan Kunds in Howrah, West Bengal, for the past three days. Yajna is a fire ritual and this one was called Aswamedh Yagya (horse sacrifice). Don’t worry no horses were sacrificed.

The religious group which is conducting the yajna says it will heal many diseases and will also help in slowing the ozone depletion.

But the yajna which ended on Sunday was criticized by many environmentalists who say the thick smoke will only cause further damages.

Well, I remember my grandfather collecting a particular plant called ‘Thumba’ to create smoke using coal. The smoke created using Thumba used to drive the mosquitoes out. But nowadays I rarely get to see Thumba.

No idea whether the yajna is of any use to the ozone depletion. Incidentally, in a recent report U.S. scientists had stated that this year's hole in ozone over Antarctica was bigger and deeper than any on record.

At least the yajna was able to create some awareness regarding the depletion of ozone layer.

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