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Hindu links for 10/20/2006

"The holiday is traditionally a time for Indian parents to buy their children new clothes and gifts. And with the Indian economy booming, even those at the bottom of the economic ladder are feeling richer.
But still millions of Indian children, it's a struggle merely to earn money, let alone spend it."

“It took coming to America for 13-year-old Samyuktha Shivraj to understand what it really meant to her to be Hindu.

Since she and her family arrived five years ago, they've been more observant about practicing their faith than they were in India, Samyuktha says. They regularly go to their temple in Queens, where she's a member of the youth club, and there are more conversations about what the prayers she's reciting really are saying.”

“Diwali, the most beautiful festival of lights, will add a different spin on East London’s calendar this week.

Celebrations for the Festival of Lights will include a Diwali Bhangra Bash. Also in the pipeline is a fireworks display, which will be held at the SS Aulayam Temple in Braelyn.”

"If all of us light a row of candles or one candle in our homes and ask our neighbors and friends to do the same regardless of their belief, imagine the wondrous glow of togetherness and unity it will create."

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