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Designer Diwali Lights

This Diwali at least in some places the humble diyas are giving way to designer lights. But if you are for the humble diyas, don’t worry the earthen diyas are transforming to take on the designer lights.

Hindustan Times reports:

A shopkeeper, “These days the people demanding these designer Diyas. Old plain earthen Diyas have gone out of the fashion and these designer Diyas ranging between Rs 20-200 each depending on their size.”

According to a housewife, “These designer Diyas are more presentable and beautiful in comparison to the old plain ones even the designer candles are in the market.”

The Hindu writes: There are quirky, colored lanterns, shades in paper and wood.

But the traditional diyas are not giving up easily. They too come in various sizes and designs.

Hindustan Times reports, “Markets are full of artistically crafted diyas this festive season. Embellished with mirrors and zari and filled with coloured wax, the Diwali diyas are a sight to behold.”

At the end of the day, people are getting diyas of their choice. Lots of people are getting work. Money is coming into the market. Goddess Lakshmi is happy so are the people.