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Society for elephants in India

Elephant owners and lovers in Thrissur, Kerala, have formed a society to ensure the welfare of elephants. Mahouts and elephants owners are also part of the welfare scheme. The society is named ‘Elephant Owners Multi-purpose Coopeartive Society.’ The formation of the society is a welcome step as several elephants had died due to lack of treatment in the recent years.

More than 500 elephants would be part of the activities of the society. The standard of the life of mahouts is also expected to improve with the formation of the society. The top priority of the society is proper treatment facilities for elephants.

Mistreatment of elephants is reported periodically from different parts of Kerala. These tuskers are made to walk on tarred roads for several hours during summer. The heat of the tar causes serious damage and discomfort to the tuskers. Several tuskers have also died due to road accidents.

Elephants are an essential part of all temple festivals in Kerala.