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Teachings on Time from Atharva Veda

Time, the seven-reigned horse, thousand-eyed, un-raging and prolific, draws the cosmic chariot. Sages with keen vision mount it; all the beings are its wheels. (Atharva Veda XIX.53.1)

This Time draws the seven wheels; seven are its naves; verily, the immortality is the axle. Making all the beings manifest, Time, the destroyer, move on. He is the primal deity. (Atharva Veda XIX.53.2)

Kale manah (In Time, mind)
Kale Pranah (In Time, Life)
Kalo ha sarvasyesvarah (Time is the Lord of all) (Atharva Veda XIX.53.7-8)

Teachings on Time from Atharva Veda

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